ksiKSI (King Sharper Images) Highlights is a barber color (black) that adds a sharper and more defined edge to the haircut as well as gives a natural shine to the hair and beard. KSI Highlights is a temporary color that last 3 to 4 days. Barbers and I love this product because it make the beard and hair seem more uniform and fuller. Application adds about 10 to 15 minutes to your service time, but it is all worth it.


KSI does not require any mixing or shampooing. Just brush  product to the desired area and it drys instantly.  This product is priced at only $1 per application, and the barber stylist can add about $5- $10 to the total cost of their services.

Products prices starting at $19.99- up. You can order  individually, 1/2case or case.

For info please visit www.kingsharperimages.com


Represent with color!!




  1. I have wanted to purchase the ksi highlight for a min, I’m from camden nj I would like to know how to order it and if or when will it be in stores? Which I personally think it will do well being as though it will be easier to purchase

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