Kick your feet up…I got it!

When it comes to a beautiful event or wedding. MissKar, knows exactly what you want and need. So, kick your feet up…she got it covered.

MissKar, would you tell us your Professional name?

Karla Hall

How long have you been a Wedding Planner/Event Planner?

15 yrs.

Why did you choose this profession?

I’ve always been in love with not only making people’s dreams come true and making people smile and seeing people happy as well as seeing their visions come to life, but planning people events has always just come naturally to me. My aunt was an interior designer and she had a successful business for years and I would spend weekends at her house growing up and she would teach me how to plan elegant detailed parties. I would watch her create elaborate table settings and fabulous designs for just about anything you could imagine -being able to sit down with a couple or just misskarsomeone who wants to create an event and take their vision -making it come to life for them and being able to see a smile on their faces make it all worthwhile for me. This might sound funny to some people but this means the world to me. When you can do something that you love in life…makes it all worth it!!  That’s the difference between working and doing something you love! the heartfelt thank you’s, and the hugs from people really mean a lot too!!


What are some of the hardest points of being a Wedding/Event Planner? 

Very; very long hours away from your family; sometimes you can spend almost 24 hours on your feet. Oh and, when someone is not happy with you no matter what you do for them.


misskar2I know that planning anything is stressful, especially for others. How do you release the stress?

Truthfully, since I’m always the planner, and I’m usually always out in the nightlife I like to stay at home. On Sundays… turn on the TV kick my feet up and catch up on my TV all day long… or my girls will get me out and we will go have cocktails somewhere and relax!!


What’s your advice about choosing the right Wedding/Event Planner?

DO YOUR RESEARCH!!! make sure they have experience and references also make sure that you do an interview with them first, at least a phone call, make sure that you can vibe with them first not… everybody is for everybody; not everybody’s personality matches. See if they will do a free consultation. I always offer a free consultation first. Also check to see if they offer references and if they have a portfolio or pictures that they can offer of the work that they have done for past. I would always like to maybe talk to somebody they have done a wedding for or at least like to see pictures. All of which I have available upon request!


Word of inspiration…follow your dreams no matter what they are and no matter what anybody tells you don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t or u won’t ever be what you think you can be!!  There misskar3are no ceilings in success, you can be whatever you dream that you can be… I never dreamed I could be a wedding and event planner when I was a little girl I wanted to be a photographer, an interior designer and an actress. Well guess what, all of those rolled up into one…and guess what you have a wedding/event planner because I design people’s dreams I can portray people’s dreams in my mind and I can photograph people’s memories and make it all into one so guess what… there you go a wedding and event planner… go pursue your dreams make it what you want and don’t ever stop believing in yourself and don’t EVER let anybody tell you that you can’t when you know that you can!! But at the end of the day you still have to GRIND!!!! 



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