Celebrating Barber Month: Got Juice?

Come in and take a seat at Baltimore Tight Image Barbershop (427 N. Eutaw St. Baltimore MD, 21201) as Barber; Juice, heat up the clippers with a shape up so sharp everyone will be on pause!

imageThis self-taught Barber has been honing his skills since the age of fourteen –cutting his own hair.  During his six years in the industry, he went from learning the basics by grooming neighborhood communities and students on school campuses around town to finally getting his apprenticeship in a barbershop to work.

Juice tells RepYoGrind he has yet gone to barber school but does have plans to obtain his license, with the vision of one day owning his own barbershops across the United States.

Juice’s clients’ most favorable hairstyles seem to be the fade – Bald Fade, Drop Fade, and the famous High Top Fade, 1003598_10202011783521536_797689938_nbut he also specializes in Temple Tapers, and Mohawks…he is proficient in every technique.

We asked Juice, When ares the most bountiful time of year in the industry? And, How do Barber maintain financially during the off season or slow periods? He explained, “When it’s warm (Spring and Summer) everyone wants to look and stay intact…but holidays season, like Thanksgiving through New Year’s is a great season for Barbers. Surviving during what we call the drought –saving a certain amount of income weekly/ monthly as well as twice as much when your customer rate is high will help you maintain during the those dry times”, he add.  Juice also included how important it is to market yourself –building your brand.  When IMG_20150130_180410marketing his skills…uses strategies such as: discounts on certain days and social media promotions.  The social media seems to work best for him –connecting with numerous potential clients, although, many people respond to the discounts and deals more often than just looking at his stills.

Knowing Juice acquired many of his skills from hard work, mentors, and his shop experiences, we asked what adviceIMG_20150131_203249 he has for future Barbers and he shared the following advice: (1) be patient and network (2) Stay consistent and build relationships with your clients (3) stay humble, and continue to work hard. He also shared, “People will see your vision, your drive, and your dedication and will stick with you…sometimes it’s not about how good you can cut, but how you make the client feel.” And, “For those not in the shop, don’t get discouraged because I’ve been there… Just keep looking. If you can get certified first then do that, but through it all, just stay focused, humble, and willing to learn from everyone you come in contact with…there’s always room to improve your skill as well as your service. Just stay positive and continue to move forward.”

Blogger: Sammie Preston IV

You check out Juice’s skills…

Www.StyleSeat.Com/Clipperkingjuice or https://instagram.com/juicetheprofessional/

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