African American Music Month: James Brown

James Brown

May 3, 1933-December 25, 2006

James Brown was a multi-talented Super Soul Artist. With every tone that proceeded out of his mouth, you could feel the essence of love penetrating through your soul. He was one the founding fathers of funk music –giving him the name; “God Father of Soul”.  During his career, James influenced millions with his church swing sound, multi horned band, off beat percussion and dance moves, but his political stance during the riots (death of Martin Luther King, Jr.) proved to his followers; he was more than just a performer.  James genuinely loved his people and had proud in being a “Colored” man.

James music and dance moves influenced many of today’s artists –Michael Jackson, Prince, Usher, and Chris Brown to name a few. He stayed to true to the way He felt music should be represented by never thinking average…James was truly a renaissance man.

Even with many hardships –having been abandoned by his parents, having a few incarcerations, and the death of his son, James’ determination for greatest never diminished. Thus, making him; “The Hardest working Man in Show Business”, “Soul Brother number #1”, “Mr. Dynamite”, “Mr. Please, Please, Please”, “The Minister of the New Super Heavy Funk”, and now RepYoGrind’sGrinder in History”.

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