Often right, even when I’m “Undecyded”!

Kevin “Undecyded” Matthews

This young man I had the chance to witness has outstanding lyric talents -finding out later how Ultimate his Grind really is. Here is our interview with the man often right, even when he is Undecyded.

RYG:  Loved your flow at Oxygen. Who was your influences?

undecydedUndecyded: My influence’s were first and foremost my dad; he wasn’t an artist but he had the ear for all genres -riding in the car we could go from “Earth Wind and Fire” to “P funk” then a whole 360 to Kenny G and it was enjoyable to hear the different variations. So, as far as hip-hop I liked gangsta rap to start off. I grew up on NWA, Project Pat, 2pac, and No Limit. I didn’t get into traditional hip-hop until I was in the 7th grade. That up North New York style is what I mean by traditional, and that’s when I became focused on lyrics and lyrics alone…beats are cool but tell me something, please!

RYG: Why did you chose the stage name “Undecyded”?

Undecyded: In three words, “I don’t know” …lol but to give a clear answer it’s who I am. The name was the perfect description of my sound and the ways I put records together. Undecyded; also speaks about my position in business, I am the man with many hats… I do it all. I am the booking agent, the CEO of anything undecyded, and also my own A&R person… so forth.  I could go on and on but I want to leave the people with wanting more. Believe, there is more.


RYG: The industry is saturated with Hip Hop Artists; how do you differ from the others?

Undecyded: Different is kind of weird when we all say we starting from nothing trying get to something. In my music you’ll hear fun, and you’ll hear that I am a lost soul trying find his way home.  I think that telling the truth win, loose, or draw is what Hip-Hop lacks. I hold no cut cards; I say what I feel. Please believe…I mean it. I don’t like tracks that sound the same…that kills me. I don’t care if you like me, I don’t want to fit it, and I don’t care about “he say/ she say”. To finish my answer, actions speak louder than words, point blank.


RYG: What’s your goal for in this industry?

decyded3Undecyded: My goals are to bring a new sound; the truth with a little positivity. Not to be an A_hole because we need a little act right in us. I want to bring people awareness of certain dangers to look out for in life and this industry. Something like a therapist of some sort. I want my listeners to be able to go to more than one of my songs for any situation that he or she may be going through.

On a bigger scale, I would like to provide jobs for people -giving people something to look forward to in life. I am tired of people talking about how terrible their bosses.

and/or their job…Ii think that I could put a stop to that for a great deal of people. I am a leader not a boss; understand the difference.


RYG: Do you feel the Hip Hop culture is being damaged by negative lyrics? If so, how can we change this?

Undecyded: It is and it isn’t. We as people need to take responsibility for our own actions, although hearing negativity constantly, does not help…I think it makes it worse, when every song is negative. That shows you the artist’s character and everyone is comfortable with how things are.

I want to attract all crowds of people just not one group. Right now the “turn-up” is bringing Hip-Hop down. Music can’t change and it won’t change until people change things.  A person has to want to change you cannot help someone who feels that they don’t need help.


Word of encouragement

Keep grinding, take care of your family, be better than your were yesterday, tomorrow may not be promised but it may come so prepare, and stay “tru 2 u”. 

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