I’m Alright….

Christian Keyes

Actor, Producer, Singer, Songwriter





Hey Grinders,

This week “Rep of the Week” is Christian Keyes; Actor, Producer, Director, Singer, and Songwriter.

I have been watching Christian for a while now. No! Not because of his good looks and hot body, but for his genuine talent. His talents led him to Tyler Perry’s, Diary of A perfectcombinationMad Black Woman and Madea Goes to Jail (Lead), He co-starred in Black Coffee (funny) and many more.

Did you know, Christian is also a singer; Songwriter. Oh yeah, I told you in the previous paragraph, but did I tell you he is a good; beautiful voice! Yes darling, for real! I have check out 6 of his samples on his web page http://www.christiankeyes.com/ .  My favorites are “I’m single” and “I know”.

Go check them out…

Christian Keyes is known for being humble and down to earth, but I will let you know if that is true when I get a sit down interview with him.

I love this song…

 Always RepYoGrind –your best is yet to come!!!

Y’all Watch for it!!

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  1. He’s so nice to look @…lol…but after reading his bio on his page, what I love most about him is his grind!.. He is an awesome example of what hard work looks like when the payoff starts to come in!

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