How can I BMore Than Dance?

BMore Than Dance

When it comes to movement Baltimore has some of the best footwork I have seen. The city is rich in various cultures,bmorethan the rhythm of the body and the vibration of the music stands out from the crowd. If you are ever in Charm City looking for something unique, just ask someone…How can I “Bmore Than Dance”?

I had a chance to experience the energy of the BMore Dance scene and I felt as if I could get out there and try it, but I knew better…lol. Graffic Alley is the location where this exciting display of talent is expressed…you should visit! The children as well as young adults enjoy a drama free atmosphere. The Alley is the place where kids can burn off the care of the world outside the color filled walls. We are more than dance, but Bmore More Than Dance is assisting the youth in recognizing the talents and gifts they have inside – out.

Neek the CEO of Bmore Than Dance, Tell us about BMore Than Dance.
“Bmore Than Dance is a rapidly growing management network with over 300 dancers, djs, producers, artist, mcees, and youth supporters creating opportunity for the youth in our community and providing them with the resources needed to turn hobbies and skills into careers and financial growth.”

Wednesday and Sunday 5:30p-9:30p

@ Graffiti Alley in Baltimore. 128 West North Avenue!

We currently are working at Sisters Saving The City, 4236 Pimlico Road. Wed 530-930. Those are our fall and winter hours.

We will be back at the alley during the spring and summer

“We Look forward to future experiences and possibly bringing a gift to the world through the form of dance and art with you.”

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