Grinders in History: Muddy Waters

Muddy Waters

Born: Mckinley Morganfield

April 4, 1913?-April 30, 1983


Muddy Waters was an outstanding vocalist and guitarist; born in (Rolling Fork) Issaquena County, Mississippi on April 4, 1913 or 1915 (there is a lot of debate about it). He was given the name “Muddy Waters” by his grandmother; Della Grant, because he loved playing in muddy water as a child.  In the country that’s how you usually get your nick by what you love or what you do. His grandmother raised him after his mother passed away shortly after his birth.


In 1941, Alan Lomax went to Stovall, Mississippi on behalf of the Library of Congress looking to record some good ole country music. He went toMuddyWaters Muddy Waters’ home and recorded  him right there. Becoming excited listening to his voice –Muddy Waters knew in his heart he wanted to share the Mississippi blue with the world. A year later in 1942, Lomax returned to Mississippi, Stovall Plantation to record Muddy Waters again. It was so great, Muddy played his music in the local diner over and over …with great response –prompting him to move to Chicago in 1943 with dreams of becoming a professional musician.  While pursuing his dream,  Muddy drove truck for a local factory by day and play his music in clubs by night –some of which was rowdy.  All that changed when his uncle (Joe Grant) bought him his first electrical guitar –music loud enough to hear above the rowdiness and capture the crowd attention.


During Muddy career he produced many hits, like: “Rolling Stone” which influence  the British Band and the magazine to form their name after the song, “Hoochie Coochie Man”, “I’m Ready”, and my flavor; “Mannish Boy”.

Muddy Waters influenced several major artists; Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Canned Heat,  Bod Dylan, Led Zeppelins,  Angus Young (AC/DC), Martin Scorsese,  The Beatles, Van Morrison, and many more.


USPS94STA006EMuddy Waters achievements:

 6 Grammy Awards, 4x’s Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, 5x’s The Blue Foundation Awards, 3 Inductions, and in 1994     commemorative stamp (29cent) at the US Postal Service.


Muddy Waters have shown us, it doesn’t matter where your from…it’s about where you want to go.

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