Get Low…

Mid, Stacked, flats, and low heels are back in fashion….yeap, time to relax your feet!!!

                                           I am so glad!!!

I went back to low heels in 2011 due to a broken ankle, but I am so glad that low heels are back in fashion. Maybe now, I can find a more fashionable shoe. It is amazing how repeat style seem new. Mmmm…. It’s a guarantee that most fashion will come back around and around and around…You get the point.

Here are a few links to awesome flats

DSW has flats

The website has a great selection of flat…check it out



Dansko 'Thea' Sandal

On the Today show today, low heels or flat have returned to the forefront!!!! RESPRESENT your t Sadierend.


Get low or Stay high (shoes), but always REPRESENT!!!



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  1. I love this article. I also broke my ankle and couldn’t find trendy shoes…love it. keep up the good work; it will paid off after while. be blessed!

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