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Vernea Ware

I met this young lady last year and I am very proud of her for following her Grind…

RYG: When you Develop the love for Broadcasting?

vmixI have, always loved every bit of hip hop culture, art and, I grew up in Baltimore city.  1990’s radio, was very much part of hip hop culture and entrepreneurs lifestyles. Technology, was not in full use, and the internet was not a main source of media. To be, plugged in to the latest music, fashion, celebrities, dance, food, news, concerts, and promotions; radio was a very prominent tool. Besides, a few television channels or shows like Juke box and Soul train. I loved how, radio personalities, had the ability to connect, relate, and use their voice for the community. Also, enjoyed the enthusiasm of the personality.

The influence, definitely became a part of my life, not noticing my deep passion for it. My brother and I would sing the latest songs, I sang and he beat boxed with his mouth and used his hands, to make tunes on the table or desk near him. I ran to the radio, every day, all day recording the latest music. I remember my father mentioned to me early about, my career as a radio host, because I loved to talk and music. I’m starting to feel broadcasting chose me.


My major in college, started as Communications and I eventually, changed my major to Criminal Justice because, I wasn’t comfortable, in setting my career with much opposition. I decided, my second year to have a career that’s safe. Never letting go of radio, as an aim for a hobby. I felt my life was missing something, then I applied and accepted to (B.I.M) Broadcasting school, after working in Tax enforcement for a few years. Having graduated with my degree, miserable and bored, I knew radio perchance shouldn’t be just considered as a hobby.

RYG: Tell us about The V-Mix?


My goal, is not to limit my audience, guest, fans, merchants, customers and Art; for one culture because of trends and popularity. Just like culture consist of many components, Art comes in many expressions and forms. Having many interest for me, is a part of life, evolution and the world. I wanted my platform to demonstrate unity, in people, art, lifestyle and expression. We all are super heroes with our own unique super powers. The V-Mix mission is to bring the good and joy through dialogue. I wanted a way to shape my career around my passion and love of promoting others. The V in the v-mix, is for variety and my name Vernea’.

RYG: How do you use your platform to bring notice to the issues in Maryland?

My radio show focus is for expansion, positivity, and to celebrate people with courage to follow their dream, that overcame their misfortunes and continues their path with purpose. In addition, people who create and service people. My topics, guest and music is to inspire, and display happiness. My core is to motivate, and trigger positive change even if it’s one person. I love people and always been inspired by our community and famous activist, visionaries, leaders, and people with courage to stand for fairness in humanity.


Some people can be very dismissive of others potential or talents and create strict criteria surrounding it. I am determined to break the way we see one another. The V-Mix is pushing forward to show everyone’s gift, even if you’re a janitor.

RYG: Do you feel social media is taking over traditional broadcast service?


No, there is always going to be a person who is contented in their tools, resources and life. Why? I know people who lifestyle is to find a talk radio show, with provocative conversation. They are at ease and love traditional broadcast, because of the plainness. They haven’t adapted to internet, or social media tools. Some, are not computer savvy and advanced in modern day régimes. I didn’t sign up for Facebook until 2012, Instagram and twitter until 2014. So there is still people who enjoy traditional way of connecting. Also, some people don’t wish to be too connected or visible. All people still live very private lives and not conformist.

RYG: How can we as media personalities decrease the escalation of violence in Baltimore?

As a radio personality, decreasing the violence in Baltimore, that can depend on the nature of content you disclose. My website and radio show only accounts the perspective and voice for healthy thinking. The focus for me as an artist is to heal people, to inspire people to be a participant in the change. Baltimore is a great city, it’s the people who needs decreasing in negative priority, behaviors and perceptions. People are in a frenzy because of so much negativity being displayed on all media blogs, news, and internet. What you listen to, visualize, and engage in, can be a disservice. Violence is a mentality, to heal a violent mind it takes reprogramming, the way of thinking.  Violence spreads, if met with violence, the same with love. The mind will live after the body dies, so what in our mind can be powerful or harmful. Hurt people hurt people. It’s a collective non-stop effort and non-stop prayer.

Words of Inspiration?


Authenticity is key, Inspiration needs stimulation, and Purpose is core.  Life is magical, pay attention to the signs, follow GOD, and, what makes you dream passionately. And understand, you owe you. Just being you, will open doors for whatever you consider a happy life. Believe in yourself, be your own clique. Be okay, with being in the minority. Being different, may not feel good but for your purpose it’s worth it. Seek guidance, in people who showed you they believe in you. Sometimes it’s all about actions and no words.

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