For the Sound and Movement of Music…

Samuel “Sammie” Preston

Dance & Music Entertainment Manager

Baltimore, Maryland

RYG: How did you become a music manager?

Sam: I always wanted to get in the entertainment business, as a kid I had a passion the arts. After high school I became a manager of a dance group, which was made up of my friends; I became more in love with the industry.  From 2009-2011, I educated myself about the dance and music cultures. I stayed in clubs in order to do my job well- eating, sleeping, and breathing the craft. In 2012, one of my dancers brought a singer to my home by the name of Carlito, after hearing him sing –I was like WOW OK, but after that I did see him for a while. 2013, I worked with a dance duo, that wanted to do music, so I got them a show in New York –my first music show under my management. Next Travis Taylor whom is a popular dancer in Baltimore that wanted to sing; I help him with his music and studio sessions.  From there I put my dance and music management together.

RYG: What is it about being in the music industry that you love?sammie

Sam: The Art is why I love entertainment business; music, dance, and the expression of self -creativity. I love coming up with ideas and putting those scenarios together for my artists.

RYG: How many artists are under your management?

Sam: Over the past 5-6 years I have managed 7 dance groups and 2 musical artists, but right now I only have my R&B singer Carlito and The Baltimore Dancers. I am considered a business Rep for the Baltimore dance scene.

RYG: What obstacles have encountered?

Sam: I think being the youngest Baltimore Entertainment Manager is pressure due to people wouldn’t take me serious.  I remember in 2012, I had two groups in Washington DC at Howard University Homecoming Performance which never happened, we was stuck in Washington and low on funds, but we have made it work.

sammie2RYG: Where would like to see your career in the next 5 years?

Sam: I just want my team of Artists to leave an impact on the industry –my singers signed to a major label and the dancers featured on a major projects, I want things to be well enough to the point that I could start other things. It’s getting better and really busy; I know it’s going to be GREAT!!!

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