Flash Back: 80’s

This week’s flash back style is the 80’s hair, lips, & nails….I rocked the bob out of the 80’s.

During this period, hair was fun, funky, & unique.  Everyone rocked the strawberry blond highlights; other on the left, right, or in the middle of their head. I know I did…lol. Other hairstyles were the Chinese bob, The Halle Berry…short bob, the staked bob, or the big hair. You know I had all of them…how about you?  Think about it…that’s right go and get those old pictures out and have a good laugh at yourself.80s-Women-Hair-Trendshalle

Let’s talk about those lips, it was only two colors; mood and red. It didn’t matter what outfit you had on- those lips was red or whatever the mood lipstick turned into…Wait,Wait, we can’t forget about the lee press on nails…lol. Crazy!!! I remember I clapped my hand and the nail flew everywhere… a matter of fact, I was at church and nails were in the pulpit with the preaches…FUNNY!!! And, the famous nail color was Theon #5 with the clear coat that made the polish turn into this brilliant red…oh yeah, we was jamming then!


I can’t stop laughing, Oh!!!! I almost forgot there was a period when we would slick our side burns down like Janet Jackson…that’s when Pro Gel become a hot product.peel-off-nail-polish

Take a moment to remember the 80’s…. more laughter, more unity, and more house parties…lol.  I wouldn’t take anything for the 80’s; I loved it!!!!  It was a period of self-expression and creativity. Where everyone could be their own fashion designer and no one look otherwise.   Rock on 80’s…Rock on!!!


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