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Jamma* Wun


Grinders, I had the awesome pleasure of meeting or rather I said…listening to a breathe of fresh remix air during the Producer Battle at The Baltimore 8th Annual Crown Awards.  All the producers did a great job, but only a couple stood out to me and the one that stood out the most was Jamma* Wun.  His mix washed my musical soul with his smooth transition of sound. I truly enjoyed the Bod Marley Remix and been listening every since.

Here’s the sample I love…tell me what you think!!!

Somewhere in Maryland, inside of a four story “blue light lit” apartment lives Jamma* Wun. A keyboard toting, synthesizer playing samplist with a knack for rapping. He’s working & plotting his next hit. No, not an armored car or a bank heist, but something a bit more sonically inclined. He’s a focused introverted emcee with a wild style.
Jamma* Wun’s sound can be easily compared to 90’s Hip Hop, but if you listen deeper you’ll notice the presence of elements that are unfamiliar. It takes the listener somewhere they have not yet been. The combination of chopped sampled riffs, synths, & his rhyme heavy energetic flow has a retro yet futuristic feel. Some songs may be over whelming for a 1st time listener, but once you get it you’ll love how these pieces work harmoniously together.

As a song writer Jamma* possesses all of the qualities of a hit maker, substance, engaging topics, & chorus lines that’ll make you want to sing along. As a artist he refuses to fit in a mold. He knows that the only way to gain recognition in music is to be great & be you. Enjoy.

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