Nichole Elmore

RYG: Who is Nicole Elmore behind the poetic writings?
NB: I am a mother, daughter, sister, friend, funny more than people could imagine. Most of all I love to laugh…….
RYG: What is the concept behind your  poetic theater, “You can’t hurt me NO MORE”?
NB: To get people to the next level of knowing who they are and realizing the power that lies within themselves..
RYG: Who or what event (s) inspired you to write such a powerful piece?
NB: My trials brought to this place of writing. I now realize that I had to go to that place of pain in order to get to the place I am now. If I never experienced my trials. I would have continue to hide the woman I  am. I can finally let her shine because I have been hiding her entirely too long.. I am embracing the woman I am at this moment… ( ahhhh It feels so good)
RYG: What are some of the feed back you received from “You can’t hurt me No More?
NB: All the feedback is positive. The most important thing is that people can relate. Someone said to me I love You Can’t Hurt Me No More because it’s different and it heals the soul…
RYG: Why is this issue so important for men as well?
NB: Because men hurt also. Men have voices that also need to be heard! Men have pain. I wrote a poem title Walk in a man’s shoes. That was a powerful moment, because all the men in the audience could relate. If our men our healed then our sons will heal..
RYG: What’s next for you and the fabulous 12?
NB: We are so excited about our show in North Carolina. Excuse me but I am just so exited!
      Representing without Fear…

13 thoughts on “Fearless….

  1. Sabrina,From my heart I thank you for your encouraging words. I am humble to know that You Can’t Hurt Me No More is an inspiration to you. Thank you for all your love and support my beautiful sista… Much Love

  2. Delisa…. My love I thank you for trusting and believing in me.. I thank you babe for all your love and standing by side. I love you sis!!!

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