What about your Friends…

Fake Friends


They wipe their hands clean with you

When the money gone

And you have nothing left to stand on

Those same ones you claim are real friends

Become revolving doors in and out of your life

As the days gone by

The pressure even makes it hard to breathe

And the skies can’t get any darker


The same ones spend years building on the fun times

Earn the trust to just get close to the heart

Say they love you while hating you on the sidelines

Sneak plotting to rob you out of loved ones

Sleeping with your man or woman

Was always the plan to bring you the pain

Just sit around smile in your presence

Like everything is all good once again


Fake friends we all got them

We all despise, we all love them

We all pillow talk to them

Releasing every emotion buried inside us

Another diary entry to this journey called life

Just to find your business spread out in the streets

Your same dirty laundry becomes someone else sheets of enjoyment

Broken hearts of betrayal

Leads to another lesson learned


Runway until no point of return

Say your goodbyes without a look back

Smile through the pain until there’s not a tear to shed

If you can’t love them just as you love yourself

They can’t be a real friend of yours.   

                                                  -Sammie Preston IV

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