Enhancing Beauty….

Kimberly Roscoe

Licensed Makeup Artist

Baltimore, Maryland

RYG: How/Who inspired you to become a makeup artist?
KR:  I was inspired by celebrity makeup artist Sam fine & Kevin Aucoin and a few local makeup artist such as Jamaya Moore & Marcus Miller. I became a makeup artist by attending Beat Makeup Artistry and receiving my certification to get a makeup license in 2009.
RYG: How long have you been in the industry? kimr
KR: I’ve been in the makeup industry for 6 years.
RYG: Have you used your skills to education your community?
KR: Yes, I have used my skills to educate my community; I offer one on one & group makeup lessons with individuals who want to learn the basics of makeup or who just simply want to learn how to do their own makeup for a night out on the town.
kimr3RYG: What are some of the misconceptions about Makeup?
KR: Some of the misconceptions about makeup is that people wear makeup to hide their true self which is not true. Makeup is meant to enhance beauty, and is more of an form of art. Woman don’t wear makeup to change their appearance but to accentuate the more beautiful features in their face.
RYG: Have you encounter any set backs along the way? How did you over come?kimr1
KR: I have encountered major setbacks along the way… not being able to build my clientele and brand myself the way that I would like and I overcame these obstacles by having faith in God and keeping him #1 as well as continuing to keep pushing & grinding until I’m satisfied with my career & happy with the results of where I want to be. For me the sky is the limit and I’m going to continue to grind until my name ring bells in this industry.
RYG: What words would you give the next inspiring Makeup Artist?
KR: The words that I would say to the next up and coming makeup artist is “NEVER GIVE UP” keep striving to be the best. You will have times that the road will be tough but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Always practice to become perfect and one of my favorite quotes is to “INVEST in yourself first, Expect nothing from no one, be willing to work for Everything, and  believe that Hard work pays off… Grinding non-stop.
Representing non-stop….


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  1. To my sister keep pushing forward. You are a great artist. Thank you for teaching all of the sisters how to wear makeup correctly.

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