Do you have the Energy?

Grinders, have you ever wondered about the type of Energy services being offered these days? Lately, there have been several companies coming around to homes, businesses –walk right up to you in the street.  Well, I had a chance to meet a smart young lady; Yolanda Pearson, from Texas that work with “Stream Energy”, and she gave me some good information about her company but more about why new companies are coming to your door.

Yolanda Pearson

In January 2002, Texas became one of the first states in the country to deregulate energy. That means instead of having to purchase energy through one provider, consumers were able to choose for themselves who they want to purchase electricity from. This deregulation has lowered costs and provided more options for millions of people. Today Stream sells energy in each of these states: Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, New York and Washington D.C.
I started doing business with Stream Energy because I saw it as an opportunity to earn some and save some money at the same time. When I saw my first energy bill from Stream, I was convinced that I wanted to be a part of Stream Energy family because of their dedication to providing the best energy service possible.
Stream Energy can benefit the customer by providing affordable energy with a 12 month or 24 month plans. Stream understands how critical electrical services are to living a comfortable life, which is why we offer a reliable economical service you can count on. With Stream energy you can choose between variable or fixed rates. Fixed rates stay the same on matter what. However if you want to ride the market waves, you can sometimes score lower prices with no ETF and more flexibility with our reliable services and energy.
You can sign up as a customer and once you see the big difference in your bill then you can join the company as an associate and earn some extra cash by simply telling others about your savings. They sign on as a customer and do the same if they are interested in joining the company. Stream Energy charge you so many cents per Kilowatt hour as do all energy companies but stream has the lowest price per kilowatt that I have seen & that equals major savings.

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