DMV Female Lyrical Assassins…Cypher





June 22, 2015

The “DMV FEMALE LYRICAL ASSASSINS”, is a cypher showcase to highlight and promote your lyrical capabilities.

We have received numerous candidates interested in displacing their lyrical skills…we have decided to have lyrical segments during the show –allowing everyone a chance to spit. There is also an opportunity to perform your hottest track LIVE, during the event.

Things needed:

  1. Send a (video) freestyle to email
  2. Email your hottest track…that vocalizes your best lyrical abilities (only for the ones that want an opportunity to perform live)*Note: those people will be selected…not everyone will be able to perform (their track).
  3. Send a photo, short bio, and Social Media links
  4. Deadline for entry: July 3, 2015

You will be notified by email from RepYoGrind on July 6, 2015:

  • Segment Order
  • Selected Live Performers

*Each Assassin is asked to sale ten (10) tickets. The first 5 tickets equaling ($50) will be given to RepYoGrind before showcase begins and the next 5 tickets equaling ($50) will be given to the artists participating in the cypher. *You must sell at least the 5 tickets (RepYoGrind).

**Why? This will support other events –keeping the spotlight on Female Hip Hop Artists.

General Admission/Tickets $10

Boys are welcome to support but not participate!!!

This is an opportunity to get seen and heard…RepYoGrind is dedicated to bring out your best –sharing those talents with potential leads…connecting you with the best opportunities that benefits your passion and dream.


Thank you,

Vonetta Chapman,CEO

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