DJ Twizz: On the One”s and Two’s

Antwan DJ Twizz Campbell

Fackbook: DJ Twizz


twizzstar3There comes a time when you meet someone and a friendship is instant, not knowing when it began but glad it did. This how I feel about Antwan “DJ Twizz” Campbell. His personality is electrifying same as his level of pissity…lol.

Twizz is more than just a DJ, he is a serial Entrepreneurial who love his people and his community.

Born and raised in the city of Baltimore, Antwan Campbell aka Dj Twizz has always been inspired music at a young age.

At the age 10 he would sit at the radio for hours listen V103 fm recording ppl favorite songs and making mixtapes for local residents, classmates and even teachers.
Music has always been an inspiration to him. Idolizing greats like Bmore’s own Mike Crosby, Reggie Reg, DJ Boobie and others like Kid Cupri, Jam Master Jay, Dj Premiere, Steve Aoki and Deadmau5. He destined to be next in line to carry the torch.
Spinning anything from jazz to rock, he constantly creates smooth transitions with precision and the work ethic to climb his way to the top.

He currently formed a DJ team called the “Spectacular Deejays” which plans to take the city by storm combining old and new school deejaying for the masses.

While he enjoys fusing beautiful music his first love was always art. He also is a very talented graphic arts showcasing his talents with vibrant logos and awesome flyers and other publication designs and prints.twizzstar1

He also is a great contributor with his nonprofit organization CharmStar Enterprise which has catered 5 events that have provided financial and network opportunities for young and old. His newest project SpringNToo Action Teen Concert is a musical movement to showcase youth performers ranging from ages 10-25. In March 2015 he launched his first concert at Tin Roof (Power Plant Live) which a huge success which made a ripple effect not only in the youth lives but the community as well.

Photographers: Reely Rell/Dominic Nell

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