Fierce Styling of a Diva

Divalicious: a stylish and fabulous diva. A blend of the words ‘diva’ and ‘delicious’. Let’s meet the delicious styling of Owner of the Divalicious Salon, Wayne.

RYG: Tell us why you chose Beauty Styling as a career and the meaning of “Divalicious”.

I chose the career path of a cosmetologist because of childhood experiences at the beauty shop. I was in awe of the hairstylists. They were immaculately put together. Their hair, makeup, and attire were always flawless, but to top it off they made magic. They transform people and by doing so they elevated self-esteem. At the age of twelve I knew that was the career I wanted.

“Divalicious” – External beauty amplified by the beauty within.


RYG: Other than being a Natural Hair stylist; what is another passion of yours?

I treat and care for natural hair by performing services like silk presses and protective styles such as sew-in hair extensions, crochet braids, and cornrows to help the hair retain length.

I love to create; I am hands on in every aspect of my business. I live and breathe Divalicious Salon. I create and maintain my website. I am very selective on the quality of hair extensions I provide through Divalicious Salon Collection line. I also have Divalicious Salon Professional hair care line, where I am completely hands-on from production to distribution.

divalicious1RYG: How long have you been in the industry?

I have been in the industry for 6 years now, but feels a lot longer since I used to do my girlfriends hair in high school and in college.

RYG:  Being a Natural Hair stylist, what are some of the most common mistakes natural clients do to damage their hair?

Most common mistakes naturals make is not moisturizing and sealing their hair properly, and not being gentle with combing and brushing.

RYG: Wow! So, tell us the name of your product line and its benefits.

Divalicious Salon Professional is an all-natural haircare line, free of harmful chemicals. I personally created the formulations in each product. These products were design based on the fact that the majority of haircare products on the shelves today are designed to destroy the hair, then fillers are placed on the hair to make it feel and look healthy but repeated use of these products can cause severe damage. My products are designed to repair, renew, regrow, and retain hair.

RYG: Let our audience know where you are located.

Divalicious Salon is located at 6487 Baltimore National Pike, Suite 118, Catonsville, MD. The phone number is 202.440.1590. You can also go online to schedule an appointment or purchase products at

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