Dean of Nail Artistry…

Grinders, there’s a new school in town!!!

That’s right, Shawntay’s School of Creative Nail,31 Allegheny Ave 203,Towson Md 21204. Shawntay has loved during nail since her childhood and I am honor and expected to interview her about the opening of this new school for nail artists right here in Maryland.

Let’s learn about about Shawntay’s journey to Dean of Nails.

Tell us how you started in Nail Artistry? 

I always loved doing nails as a little girl, I loved to buy polish and polish my dads toe nails while he was asleep. That grew into doing nails for family and friends. After high school I went to college only turn turn my dorm room into a salon! After dropping out of college I opened my first salon on Eutaw St in the Baltimore Area. I owned the salon for 10 years before I decided to go back to college. After graduating From Coppin State University a passion for teaching fell over me so I sold my salon and became an employee of Baltimore City School Systems. It was hard working for an organization due to so many years of entrepreneurship. Although I continued to do nails part time while working at the school full time, I still felt like I was not fulfilling my propose.
One day while teaching I realized I have a passion for nails and my purpose is to teach, which is how the nail school came about.

What are some of the misconception of nail care?

The biggest misconception is that only Asians do nails!  Second, Acrylic destroys your nails and third, the lights that cure gel polish cause cancer.  How can we take care ourselves between salon visits? Always soak off artificial enhancements, condition nails and cuticles with cuticle oils or moisturizers. Never use Baby Oil or Vaseline for dry skin, those products lock out moisture. Try to use natural products such as Shea Butter, cocoa butter or olive oil.

Do you feel the industry is improving or declining? why?shawntay2

The industry is improving with new technologies. Better products with less harmful chemicals, I have a vegan nail polish line that is free of any harmful ingredients.

Congratulations on the new school. Please give us the name and the requirement and qualifications to attend.

Shawntay’s School of Creative Nail
31 Allegheny Ave 203
Towson Md 21204

Student Enrollment Requirements

Prospective students interested in enrolling should first set up an appointment with the Director.

Call Now 443-839-5977

shawntayYou must meet the following requirements to be admitted:

1. Be at least 17 years of age; to be verified by government issued ID or birth certificate.
2. Have citizenship of the United States, Social Security Card, Visa or Green Card.
3. Have an official high school diploma or official transcript or official GED.

School Costs (Subject to change without notice)

Tuition          $1875.00

Books, Equipment, Kit        $500.00

Registration fee           $ 150.00

Total Cost  $2525.00

Down Payment Required for tuition              Only $ 250.00

Total Balance after Down Payment $1,625.00

shawntay5• The total balance after down payment is too paid in thirteen weekly payments of $125.00 each.

• ** Tuition payments must be made on site in the form of money order, master card or visa. **
• Book, Equipment and kit must be purchased before the start of class, this fee cannot be included in the payment plan. Students may purchase these items either from the school or on open market.
• At the completion of the program, students must register with PSI Exams to schedule the Certification exam for nail technology; Exam fees: Practical Portion (105 mins) $49.00; Theory Portion (120 mins) $ 49.00; Both portions $79.00

Time Frame

The Nail Technology Program is to be completed in not less than 13 weeks and no more than 15 weeks.  The eveningschedule is Monday – Friday 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm. The day schedule is Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 1:00 pm.

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Where do you see the nail industry in five years

The nationality of nail techs will be different, we will see more african American and Hispanic nail technicians.  I believe that regular nail polish will be obsolete, with gels, colored acrylics and embellishments there will be no need for regular polish besides no one wants to wait for it to dry.

Words of encouragement to future nail arts. Learn more earn more is my motto! 

Don’t be afraid to take classes or observe different nail techs for new tricks of the trade. I offer workshops for nail techs and cosmetologist to learn new techniques.

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