On the Scene: Custom Made…

Maryum K. Shadeed, Fashion Designer

Instagram: @Maryum_K_Shadeed
Twitter: @MKShadeed

Professional. Memorable. Risky.

Maryum K Shadeed is a Baltimore-MD based Fashion Designer. Since teaching herself to sew at the 15, Shadeed has went on to make custom prom dresses, wedding attire, custom children’s clothes, and more!
Occasionally, she may step behind the camera during a shoot to show off her photographer skills, but her heart is with the needle and thread. She has appeared in many fashion shows and worked with various models such as, Gia from “Bad Girls Club”, The Whyer from “Midday Sessions” radio show, and a recent appearance on “ABC News”.
What started as the reconstruction of shirts, jeans, bags, and shoes has evolved into something we ALL what to be apart of….Fashion Glam!!!
Representing with Custom Style…

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