Cross Colours-More Than A Brand!

Cross Colours clothing Brand was launched in 1989 by Carl Jones.




The clothing was used to broadcast political and social messages around the world.

I loved Cross Colours, it had a swag that could not be copied.  It wasn’t about showing skin and your butt. But, Cross Colours was giving hope to all the people that needed a caring WORD of encouragement.

The Brand Vision was to become the street fashion label that enable everyone to create their own style…not just “trend” someone else.

Cross Colours Collection had for themes:

  1. Curt is fun, creative, and optimist (We are Colourful)
  2. Cen is the outspoken, and flashy musician ( We are Stars)
  3. Cash is old skool (We are History)
  4. Chris is relaxed, clean, and conscious (We are Harmony)

I had no idea about the themes and mission Cross Colours was promoting. I was wearing the brand because of the colors and style. I was amazed and help with the information I learned.

Oh, it’s not over!!! In 2007 Cross Colours made a fresh start as a multi style fashion label.

Maybe a Fashion Flash Back -Still a Fashion Icon!

The more you learn; the better YOU can REPRESENT!!




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