Country As Dirt….

Blake Shelton

Hello my country music fans, Blake Shelton have a new Album “Bringing Back The Sunshine”; country with a little flare.  I enjoyed the album…being from the country myself –my father would have us listen to all music to become well rounded adults.  I truly appreciated that because it woke me up to creativity.

Ok, back to the review…

This album gave me the feeling of eating a corn on the cob underneath a Magnolia Tree with a jelly jar of sweet tea.  As you can tell, I really enjoyed it.

The first single off the album is “Neon Lights”; indicator of Blake’s humble beginning with foot patting and hand clapping enjoyment.

This album is an excellent source of dirty honky Tonk country…I give it a Represent (thu mb up)!!!

Amazon $8.99

iTune $10.99 /$1.29 per single song download

Walmart $13.88 (Walmart 3 Version)

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