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Thanks for contacting RepYoGring Blog/mag. Below are the things we needed to be considered for a feature in RepYoGrind Mag.

We need a bio or short write up, social media links, and your website; we will check out your Grind,¬†fresh photos (We may edit them), if professionally done; send photographer’s name.
After completion…send all information and materials to, saying you would like to be featured. We will then send questions via email (legal document for you and me). After which, we will notify you if/when you will be featured.
Thank you again for contacting RepYoGrind Blog/mag,



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  1. Hello! IMPACT Magazine would love to invite Rep Yo Grind to our fashion mixer, “The Industry”, for our sister publication, Flawless IMPACT on September 28 in the Presidential Suite at the Robert Treat Hotel. If you are interested in attending and blogging about our event, feel free to contact us at!

    1. Hi Toney,

      Thank you for showing me luv and giving me the opportunity to interview you. Have a bless New Year!!! #teamrepyogrind

  2. Greetings. My name is D. Antoinette and first let me congratulate you on your blog. I think what you are doing is not only uplifting but empowering. I saw that you are having an anniversary party at the Creative Hub. ( I saw a pic of you on IG wearing an awesome dress)I was just there (creative Hub) last Saturday promoting my books and writing. I started my own publishing company, The Little Book That Could after being fed up with traditional publishing houses. I published my first book in my paranormal fantasy series, The First Book of Carrie last year. I am currently working one second book in that series and I am also writing a blog myself entitle DBlahLife, is dedicated to my blah life not to blah moments. I would love to network with someday. Thanks for your time.

    1. Hello, Thank you for connecting me. Yes, I am having an event and hope you will be able to attend. I appreciate you reaching out and I am about to send you an email from our email address to get your information. Thanks again and be blessed.

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