Clearer in 3-D

Darrell Carter

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Grinders, there comes a time in life when you meet a person that impress you with their passion, even before they utter a word. This happened to me, when I met Darrell Carter. His personality is clearer in 3-D.



Darrell is a Baltimore native. He was raised by a single mother; who worked hard -making sure3d he and his younger sister had what they needed. Even though his mother had his back, Darrell decided for various reasons to drop out of high school, but he didn’t allow that to be the end of his story -going back later to obtain his GED. Understand Grinders, life’s situations and circumstances something alter your course but only you can stop your journey and Darrell didn’t allow that to stop his

3-D6At the age of 11, music started to pulse through his vein -connecting rhyme to rhythm blasting into a stock wave of lyrics, birthing the Artist 3-D.


After the lyrics began to flow, the pen pressed to paper and the true nature of the Hip Hop Artist took shape…from 3d1analog to digital. This part of his journey revealed the love of music and love for his community -bring notice to the future generation; the importance of self-love and community unity.  3-D has a fire in his heart to help everyone see their Grind a little clearer in 3-D.

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