Check your statue report, it’s Jsully!!!

J.Sully, Neo-Lyricist

An innovating Hip Hop neo-lyricist, songwriter and entrepreneur representing Baltimore, Maryland. At an early age, he discovered his passion for writing and music. As a college student, J.Sully began to intensely focus on his musical creativity and skills. In 2010, his poetic style was blended with three childhood friends to form a Hip Hop group called Pure S.W.A.G.jsully3

As a songwriter, J.Sully transposes his thoughts and experiences into music designed for everyone. His charismatic persona enables him to reach all ages and cross all genres; thus dubbing him as a “lyricist”.  By infusing Hip Hop, Neo-Soul, Jazz, and Poetry; J.Sully created his own musical style called “Neo-lyricism”.  From stimulating Spoken Word to intense Hip Hop; his mission to uplift and motivate is embodied in every line.

As an entrepreneur, his passion for music inspired him to co-found the music label, Color’d Money Music Group. It’s through his label; his vision of reviving true Hip Hop is achieved. Through his community outreach projects, J.Sully continously give back to his numerous supporters. Remembering his struggles within the industry as an artist, motivates him to help other artists who share his same passion for music. As the Music Production Director of C.M.M.G., he signed the first R&B songstress, Lady Amanda B., and the first two Hip Hop artists, Mr. SwaggaRite and Elite, to his independent music label.  In December, 2012, his first solo project, “The Prelude” EP was released. Being committed to pursue his dreams and goals; in August, 2013, his highly anticipated mixtape, “The Analog Mixtape” (T.A.M.) was released.

jsully1J.Sully – the Neo-lyricist, Songwriter and Entrepreneur unfolds!

Twitter: @geminisully

Management: SheekNSassy Entertainment

3 thoughts on “Check your statue report, it’s Jsully!!!

  1. On behalf of SheekNSassy Entertainment; we thank you so very much for giving J.Sully this opportunity! The graphics and layout are amazing. Great featured article! 🙂

  2. I have found JSully refreshing to the hip hop community. As a fellow artist and producer I am more than pleased to hear such an artist. I could put him in the deck and just let it play. If you don’t know about him you will and you should. Peace

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