Cat Keyes…A Stylist with Swag

I have watched her work and she has Swag. You will never her style transformation day to day but her swag is always on point. For more information, check  out her fb page CatKeyesHairandMakeup.

Why did you choose to became a Hair Stylist?

It’s always something I’ve enjoyed, even when I was a little kid when people would come over the house I would ask to “do their hair” and use an empty water bottle and a comb and pretend to be cutting and styling.

 What are some misconceptions of the beauty industry?

There are so many, from our education as professionals to what are reputable brands and products to believe and trust in. As professionals it’s our job to educate one another in our field as well as make sure our customers are educated enough to take proper care of their hair at home.
How is the industry changing for the worst? What can we as style professional improve these changes?
Social media has watered down a lot of our industry. On one hand it’s phenomenal that amount of education that is for free at our finger tips online. On the other hand social media is over saturated with unrealistic, and impracticable trends, looks and styles. I think it’s going to be very hard to build a good reputation for new stylists. It’s already hard for some seasoned stylists to be able to pin point photo shoot and explain realistic goals to clients- tactfully.

Have you encountered any obstacles starting your business?

How did you overcome?

I was pushed into starting my own business, my biggest obstacle was doubting myself. Would I make it? Can I afford to do this? Everyone is afraid of failure. I think when you’re nervous or scared that means you care, I just had to tell myself,” do it now you have the chance, you might not get it again for awhile”. So far scaring the absolute shit out of myself and taking the jump has been the best thing I could do for myself.

Words of wisdom to the future beauty professionals.

You are never done learning, even someone who hasn’t been doing hair as long as you has something to teach you. Never talk about politics or religion in the chair with customers. Branding yourself is key, find out who you are and market it in a way you appeal to more people of all walks of life. Taking a break is okay but make sure you are prioritizing and keeping your goals on track. You will always, always be your own worst critic but learn how to take constructive criticism from your peers. Learn how to say no when you’re not comfortable doing something. There are so many, many things I’ve learned from other people in this awesome industry, and I’m still learning my job is 24/7 because I’m always trying to find something new or different. Since day 1 the most important thing I ever learned was, ” you can’t break the law but you can bend the rules.” And I think that rings true to every part of this industry.


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