B’more Smooth Sounds


godson1Travis “GodSon” Acree, R&B Singer

Group: Amazin

Baltimore, MD

RYG: I know you may have heard this before, but where did you get your name?

GodSon: I was reading the Bible one day and I realized that I am a child of God. So, I create GodSon.

RYG: How long have you been singing?

GodSon: I love to sing, I have been singing since 10 years old. Music is my passion.

RYG: What artist (s) you would like to work with?

GodSon: All of them, but especially Baby and lil Wayne (Cash Money).

RYG: I don’t hear about many R&B artists in Maryland…

GodSon: Right, its more rap artists then R&B here. Everyone wants to Rap and there aren’t many managers or producers pushing r&b artists. It seems the only way to get in the game is rapping.

RYG: How long have you been writing your own lyrics?

GodSon: For a long time now, I have 10 songs ready to go…I’m just waiting to get into the studio. Songs to look forward too, “Pass Love” and “Loving You”.

***I leave these words…stay focus, stay in school, stay positive, and give it ALL to God. “Good things comet to those that wait”.


You can REPRESENT better, when you do it right!!!!


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