Being About Boss Business….

Tamara Diahann, Founder/CEO of BossNews Atlanta

Host of A-List Weekly

Atlanta, Georgia

Would you tell us about You; the original Boss behind the BOSSNews Atlanta? 

Tamara Diahann is the CEO & Editor-In-Chief of BOSSNews Atlanta the “Publication for the Female Over-Achiever.” While trying to expand her personal training company back in 2011, Tamara found it difficult to find one location for sound better business advise and resources. Taking the saying “be the change you want to see in the world” literally, Tamara launch BOSSNews in September of 2013. Its purpose is to become the hub of information for personal and professional development for female executives and entrepreneurs around the country.

bossnews2What is the concept of Boss Business Group, LLC? 
BOSS Business Group is the publishing company behind BOSSNews and one of the managing companies of the A-List Weekly Talk Show

How did BOSSNews Atlanta Magazine become a extension of Boss Business Group, LLC?
BOSSNews Atlanta allows us to expand our reach from an individual business development client to millions of readers world wide who need the same sound business advice.bossnews1
What are some health benefits of joining Boss Boot Camp?
BOSS Boot Camp is a 15 week wellness program designed to help individuals acquire and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is a holistic approach for busy working professional. It is not a diet it is a better way of living.
Have you encountered any opposition for encouraging women to be Over-Achiever? How did you overcome?
Self encouragement is difficult sometimes. If you’re the one doing all of the motivating and encouraging for others, rarely is there anyone to do that for you. I find that reality difficult at times. 
Words that keep you motivated to succeed.
“There’s nothing to it but to do it.” Words my dad say often. 🙂
Winter Issue Available Now!!
Winter Issue Available Now!!
 Representing Literally…..

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