This is a way to Be-inspired!

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Inspire: to produce, to influence, to impel, to guide… Naomi has made it her duty to make sure you are inspired to live your dreams to the full of your ability. This is a good way to Be-inspired!

Miss Be-Inspired, also known as, Naomi A. Burrell is a woman who wears many hats. In fact, her favorite super heroine is Wonder Woman, whose character represents the embodiment of the everyday woman who has many roles and does them all with strength, grace and power. Miss Be-Inspired is a wife and proud mother of two beautiful children. She has also served as a dedicated civil servant of the federal government for over 15 years. She has earned an Associates of Arts degree and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business/Management.  In addition, she is currently pursuing a Master’s in Business Administration.


Miss Be-Inspired is the founder and CEO of Be-Inspired, LLC, a community activism organization. She is also host ofbeinspire3 the Be Inspired Radio Show on Miss Be-Inspired believes that she was born to be an inspiration. She has endured many hardships, but by the grace of God she has overcome them all. She believes that being an inspiration is not just unique to her but is something that everyone can be. She believes that we all have the choice to decide whether we will use our power of inspiration for good or evil. She has chosen to use her power for good and looks forward to continuing to do so. Her desire is to inspire others to “Live Exceeding Above the Status Quo!”

3 Replies to “This is a way to Be-inspired!

  1. Naomi is definitely an inspiration, especially to those who have experienced her strength first hand. She is an attentive listener and a humble but bold advocate for the wellbeing of others, so glad to call ber my best friend.

  2. Awesome Feature!!!!!!! Naomi is a well deserving Woman of God, Strong, Profesional and a Burst of Sun Shine… Great Read…..

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