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2016 RepYoGrind Awards Winner “Best Radio”

The birth of Baltimore Flava Radio was the passion of Antwon Grant; determinated to give the World a taste of the talents within as well as outside of “The Charm City”.

Here is our interview the Baltimore Flava Crew…

What inspired the development of Baltimore Flava Radio?  Originally Baltimore Flava was a website, where I basically highlighted and promoted different artists and businesses every week and promoted any events that were going on in the area…concerts, parties, conferences, seminars, etc.  After almost 2 years I decided to shut the site down simply because it was becoming more work than one person could handle.  After about a year of being idle, I was introduced to WPB Radio and given the opportunity to do the show and stuck with the Baltimore Flava name. After a year on WPB, I decided to move the show to our current station, Radio On Fire…where we’ve been for close to 2 yrs.  This has been a good change because not only can we be heard, but we stream the show so that people can watch us live as well.  The show basically helps me take what I was doing with the website to another level.
bmoreflavaWho are the member of the Flava Squad?  The current lineup of Baltimore Flava are myself… co-host JNicole ….she is a former model and dancer.  Along with co-hosting the show she also has a news/gossip site (named after the segment she does on the show) as well as hosts her own monthly show The Juice TV, a talk show which she records live. Other host…newest member to the team is Jay McGraw who is the CEO of M.A.M. Records..he also manages, raps, photographer and has his own movement called The Mogul Club.
How do Baltimore Flava Radio differ from the other online platforms?
We have been told by several guests and listeners that what sets us apart from other platforms is our content.  Not only do we provide a platform for artists to promote themselves, their music and their brands, we also touch deeply on issues in our community and allow those that are out there doing positive things to be promoted as well..we always spotlight our young people as well….we have politicians running for local offices to come on and talk about their agendas…people who have non profit organizations, charity events, etc.  We have fun on our show, but we also realize the impact that we can have when we touch on all things that make our city great.
How can we as media outlets help improve relations within our communities?
We can do this by simply continuing to provide the platform..the outlet for the people in our  communities to get to know each other.  We’ve had situations where many artists in the city have connected through our show and gone on to do compilations together, where people on the show have programs or organizations that have linked up and worked together, etc. Then we go out and support these events and encourage others to support others in their endeavors.  Because we are online, we have the opportunity to show the world what we’re doing here and we have to take advantage of that.

Words of encouragement – Stay encouraged and truly believe in our city.  We know the  picture that mainstream media paints of us, but we know there is so much more to this city and this is where Baltimore Flava and other shows come in to play.  We have the opportunity through our shows and social media to really help put our city on the map and show the world that our city is more than The Wire, Drugs Inc, the uprisings in the Freddie Gray situation. We have talented singers, rappers, musicians, great history, great culture, smart and motivated young people striving to make a difference in this community. We have to work together to make our city great.  We have to want to see each other win. Together we can make Baltimore Great.  We are here to do our part.

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