All Grown up!!!???

What did Miley do so wrong –perform? She’s not a kid anymore, let her grow-up. I have seen worst performances at the VMAs. Some of the things I heard and read had me thinking, “they have always done what others say is best”. REALLY??

I believe she did it so people would stop looking at her as Hannah Montana, which is a fictional character she PLAYED as a kid.Hannah-Montana-Season-4-hannah-montana-24548060-2423-2560 Listen people… Hannah’s not REAL but Miley is –with real emotions, real thoughts, and real choices. Let her grow-up.

Now mothers, stop telling your daughters to look at actors and entertainers as ROLE MODELS –they are just people PLAYING A ROLE…DO YOU UNDERSTAND? YOU SHOULD be your girl’s role model!

I wonder how your 20’s was, because the only difference between ours and Miley’s is we weren’t illuminated under the spot light.  What if I shine a light over your past? MMmmm what would I find?

Miley is young –allowed to make mistakes, allowed to make choices, and allowed to grow up. Let her for once find herself without a SCRIPTURE.

miley-cyrusRepresent to find self…

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