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Keisha Starr; Singer, Songwriter, Author

Baltimore, Maryland:

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Who is Keisha behind the Starr?

Keisha, behind the Starr, is a bubbly, loving, fun, and free-spirited woman and I’ve pretty much been that way since I could remember. I’m always telling jokes and laughing because humor is one of the ways, I deal with some of the adversities that life has thrown my way. For the most part, I don’t take things too seriously. Life is too short to dwell on anything that’s not uplifting so I try to live my life even beyond my own imaginations. I’m very family-oriented. I have the most amazing, loving, and spiritual family in the world and I have a handful of close friends that I honestly consider family as well. Then to top that off, God has blessed me with the most supportive and wonderful boyfriend that any woman could ever dream of. He’s been nothing short of a blessing to me and right now my life is evolved around those people. I’m a loyal person so I highly appreciate and demand authenticity from the people who I consider to be my inner circle of trust. Now, when I don’t feel that sense of loyalty is being reciprocated, then there’s a different Keisha behind the Starr that I don’t really like to talk about because I choose to keep her detained. LOL… I don’t have any children right now, but I plan to have a family in the near future; God-willing. I’m a huge advocate for education. I’m currently pursuing my Ph.D. in Human Services with a concentration in Marriage and Family Counseling. That’s pretty much who I am; A fun girl with hopes and dreams of being the best “ME” that I can possibly be!

Would you tell the audience about “Diary of A Boss Chic”? keisha star

First I would like to say the book official drops on Dec. 7th.  We’re having a book launch/day party at Pejus Sport bar and Lounge in Baltimore, MD between the hours of 12-4 PM.  Hosted by Momma Dee of VH1 Love & Hip Hop, Tashera Simmons, Ex-Wife of DMX, and special invited guest Sabrina and Sharlinda from the Style Network reality show “Big Rich Atlanta.”  Tickets only $15 but you get a copy of the book, so this event is practically FREE.  Now about the book itself… “Diary of a Boss Chic” is actually an anthology of two separate stories.  My co-author, Monique Hall of Mobettaa Publication has her own story in the book and I have mine.  In both stories, you will be able to identify women, taking charge of her life and be accountable for their own destiny and happiness.  They’re not making excuses… They go out and make it happen.  My story in the book is titled “V-Power” and it’s full of excitement, drama, and suspense.  You’ll never guess how the story ends.

How long have you been working on this book?

I actually wrote my story in less than a month.  Monique called me up and said, “Hey I have a great opportunity for you to really get your work out there and launch your publishing company because I think you’re a talented writer.  The catch is; I need you to write me a short story in 3 week or less.”  LOL…  Hey, I did what I had to do and it worked out in my favor.  I locked myself away and started to “free” write. Meaning, I had no clue on what I was going to write about.  I knew I had to write about a “Boss Chic” but didn’t know what to convey to my fans that wasn’t already done by another author.  I don’t like to write the typical, predictable urban fiction that everyone is able to guess what’s going to happen next.  So I always challenge myself to be different.  Like I said, with this book, I had no idea where I was going with my plots and storylines but my fingers were typing away and as I read over the entire story after finishing the last chapter, I was very entertained.  That’s when I knew it was good to go!

What are some characteristics of A Boss Chic?

A boss chic is “winner” not “winger.”  She set her own terms, operates at her own pace, and stay in her own lane.  Ambitious, goal-oriented, and extremely secure within the skin that she’s in are characteristics to describe a boss chic.  She’s independent enough to take care of her own, but vulnerable enough to be open and receptive to love and healthy relationships.  If she sees it, and wants it, she gets it… That’s a boss chic!!!

keishastarr2How does writing a book differs from writing a song?

For me, there’s really no difference in writing a book versus a song.  When writing a song, you may start off with a melody in your head or an idea of what you want to write about.  For me, I try my best to close my ears and open up my heart when writing and referencing music because when it comes from within, you can’t go wrong.  As long as I have a basic concept of where I want to go with the music, I’m good.  The same goes for writing a book. When I’m “free” writing, I allow my heart to put words on paper and so far, the reviews shows that people appreciate what I do.  All and all, I practice the concept of “K.I.S.S” when writing a song or book.  Keep It Simple & Sweet!!!

Being a singer, songwriter, and author-what’s next for Keisha Starr?

My boyfriend and I started our own publishing company called, “ExSTARdinary Publishing” so my plan is to self-publish more of my work as well helping other inspiring and talented authors embark on their literary journey.  I really want to write biographies of people with ExSTARdinary life stories because I think those stories are more juicer and exciting than urban fiction.  I plan to graduate from college and establish a few human services programs within the inner city communities of Baltimore, Maryland and give back to my hometown.  I have a business meeting this week with a very successful cosmetic company here in Baltimore, MD and we’re discussing launching my own cosmetic line called, “Boss Chic by K. STARR.”  So writing more book, publishing other inspiring authors, saving marriages and families, and making people look beautiful are my future plans…FOR NOW! LOL

What would you tell the next inspiring writers?

Put God first.  Nothing in life is possible without Him. Believe in yourself, even when others doubt you and tell you that your dreams are not possible.  When multiple doors close in your face…. Build your own home and open your own door!  You have to go out there and make it happen.  No one is going to work and advocate for you like you could.  Its hard work but if you want it, the end-results is worth the effort.  Last but just as important, humanity and humbleness takes you a long way in life!!!

Well, my interview has ended but I want to give a few shout outs.  Sending love to my family and friends, who I love and cherish beyond this world.  #J.B.R for life!!!  Tyran Hill AKA Ty Gudda you’re my rock and my best friend.  I love you so much.  To everyone that’s reposting and promoting my book and the book launch… I appreciate you all so much.  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.  To Monique Hall, Momma Dee, Tashera Simmons, Sabrina Rowe, and Sharlinda Parker… Thank you guys for supporting me and helping me to make my dreams comes through.  I can’t convey how much I love and appreciate you all.  Let’s rock out in Baltimore on Dec. 7th and show them what a book launch/day party is really about!!!

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