A Journey to Satisfaction…

Author Nikki-Michelle

Novel: BI-Satisfied 

Readers around the world crave that one book they can read to escape the horrors of everyday life; books that create discussions with fellow readers about how good the suspense, the twists & turns, the drama, and/or the lustful love scenes were displaced in the story’s plot. But most of all, readers love to discuss how the story makes them feel –relatable content.

As a youth; Nikki-Michelle, used the love of literature to pen her first stories to escape the horrors from her abuse and trauma life…suffered at the hands of loved ones. Instead of using literature to transport her away from life of drama; she became the transporter. Satisfaction

11173409_808651542552578_5010051959530870974_nOn August 25, 2015, Nikki-Michelle will be releasing her upcoming novel entitled, “Bi-Satisfied”. It is a story about a young beautiful and attractive Power Player Attorney; Summer Kennedy, from Atlanta, GA. Summer has been on a journey of self-discovery since she was old enough to remember. From love to the identity of her real parents and her openly brazen sexuality… she always felt something was still missing. Working side by side with powerhouse Attorney and best friend David Hall; an openly Bi-sexual black male, Summer feels a spark with David that dare to challenge the laws of attraction.

When Michael, David’s “friend” and “ex-lover”, comes into town, the game of cat and mouse between two friends begins, which changes everything for Summer. Michael is aware of her sexual desires… he uses that in his plot against David, the man who did something so unforgivable… ten years later Michael is still looking to make him pay.

Nikki-Michelle tells RepYoGrind that the Inspiration behind “Bi-Satisfied” stemmed from the bad rep bi-sexual FB_IMG_1429910933865black men get in the LGBT community. “Black men are already not accepted for being gay. Even worse, bi-sexual black men are ostracized in the LGBT community. I wanted to pen a novel that gave life to bi-sexual black men in a positive manner. Also, there is a whole stigma that the majority of black men in Atlanta being on the down low. I wanted to show not all bi-sexual black men have to hide who they are. Some are okay with being their true selves,” she passionately explains.

Nikki goes on to explain that even though she wanted to write a book that showed openly bisexual black males in a positive light, there is still drama that takes place between the pages, making the story stand out. She didn’t want to take the typical approach most authors did by having another story of a black man being on the down low.

FB_IMG_1429911007299Nikki feels when it comes to the audience relating to the story they are going to love David and maybe even Michael. “David is open and honest about his sexuality and doesn’t care who disapproves. Also, David loves Summer very much and without condition. So people will be able to relate to a love that has no limits. I think they will love to see that true love knows no conditions. David and Summer love one another regardless of the drama that ensues in this book. At the end of it all their love for one another is unconditional.”

Author Nikki-Michelle gives young writers tips on publishing their work, stating that after you’ve written the book the first thing to do is get a professional editor. “There is no way you can grow as a writer without a thorough critique of your work and always copyright your work!”

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