CoolAid; The CEO who go hard about his Grind…

Detrus “Mr. CEO” Brown

aka CoolAid

Detrus “Mr. CEO” Brown aka CoolAid, is a man of action. His entrepreneurial spirit will not allow his Grind to sleep. Being a CEO is more than a title or putting your name on a building, says “CoolAid”; it’s about representing your craft to the best of your ability -showing other Grinders they too can obtain the title of Ultimate Grinder.

Let’s see how a man from a small town in the South made it to mogul statue in the World. Sometimes all you need is a little bit of CoolAid with your dinner -making everything taste better. (lol)

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RYG: Coolaid where is the place you call home?

I am from the “Crown of the Delta“; Indianola, Mississippi, which is the home of the late great BB King and some of the best music in the South.

RYG: With all the talent in Mississippi, do you think  “The Sip” will ever be on top in music without leaving the State?

Well, I feel that one day Mississippi is going to reach the top in a Presidential Fashion. Since the beginning of music, Mississippi has been the foundation for many celebrities and once the music moguls and major labels take time to visit – hearing the talent that’s there…Mississippi will come to the forefront.  Aye 2017, will be all about the artistry of “The Sip”.

RYG: When did you began your love of music?

Always being a listener of music, it wasn’t until 2008… I fell in love and learned to appreciate the craft of it

RYG: How are your favorite Emcees and Femcees?

I like listening to Young Needy, Gucci, Young Scooter, Jay-Z, and myself (smiling).

** As for females I listen to Cash Doll, & Remy Ma…

RYG: Are there any upcoming events you can share with RepYoGrind?

Yes, I’m releasing a album in February called NowOrNever and I am set to start touring in the spring. So make sure to check out my social media outlets for your City. 

RYG: Besides being an lyrical artist, what are some your other endeavors?

I’m a serial entrepreneurial. I have owned clothing stores, restaurants, Night Clubs, and many other things. Always Grinding.

RYG: Words of Inspiration.

Always believe in your music and yourself. And keep Grinding!!!!!

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